Crime Scene 1Lawrence Flood, artist, is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts and a Board Member of the Peekskill Arts Alliance. In April 2016, he will be exhibiting new paintings and drawings in the Main Gallery. Featured in the show will be a series of giclée prints, “Crime Scene.” Lawrence’s artwork will be displayed on three separate walls; paintings, drawings and prints.

The acrylic paintings expressive a joy filled reaction to Spring’s return. The painting images are playful, bright and cheery.

The drawing section is a display of images created using two distinct drawing styles. Two pen and ink drawings of Easter Lilies are simple line drawings. The artist was focused on accuracy of drawing and recording a somewhat factual rendering of the subject without an emotion response to it. The pastel drawings of tulips are freer in rendering and are more spiritual. Each style has its merits as can be seen in the artworks.

“Crime Scene,” is a series of ten digital images created on a touch screen laptop using Windows Paint. The giclées on display are professionally reproductions. Crime scenes are a necessary part of police procedure. The purpose is to determine what happened and to collect evidence following a human tragedy. A distinct feature of a crime scene is the yellow tape used to create a boundary between those who can enter and everyone else, that yellow line is a predominate part in each image. Depending on your experience with a crime scene these images can be familiar, intriguing or unsettling.

Lawrence would like to thank his family for their support and his friends for their encouragement. He would also like to express his gratitude to Erik and Monica, proprietors of The Flatz for this opportunity to display his art.