Mission Statement

  1. We develop rental apartments and commercial spaces in underutilized historic properties.
  2. We focus on vibrant and affordable communities.
  3. Our business is self-sustainable; but profits will not be the priority over civic goals.
  4. We enrich the community by providing jobs to residents. Workers develop skills to bring to the local labor market.
  5. Each property we complete will be dignified, and a place that we’d be comfortable to call our own.


Do good development. Benefit investors and communities.


The housing shortage has an overall negative effect

  • Young and working class people leave communities due to the high cost of housing
  • Higher % of income spent on housing leads to lower spending on local retail
  • Smaller pool of middle market housing leads to fewer workers to support local businesses
  • Lower tax revenue on business leads to higher pressure on property tax; further increasing the cost of housing

The Flatz Plan is a responsible approach

  • STEP 1 – Identify at risk housing, in communities with high demand
  • STEP 2 – Partner with public programs, and donor funding for renovations and worker training programs
  • STEP 3 – Involve local businesses and labor in renovations to build skills and money in the community
  • STEP 4 – Rent dignified homes at affordable rates

Business and civic goals can be pursued simultaneously

  • Increase available affordable housing
  • Provide both jobs and employees to local communities
  • Generate a reasonable profit to investors
  • Build a repeatable business model that can be expanded to other distressed communities