We want to have a bit of creative fun with our 150 year old building—and we need your help!

The entry hall floor of 1008 Main Street has had its share of interesting treatments, most recently being high-traffic carpet. Such carpet does not go along well with the other hardwood floors or newly painted walls. But when taking up the carpet, we discovered no hardwood beneath: just a simple plywood subfloor.

We thought about having a classy looking tile put in, or even hardwood floor over the existing subfloor, but after searching for some creative tile ideas, Monica discovered something unique: A penny floor.

Others have installed such penny flooring, such as this one, this one, and this one. There are even some really cool videos on the subject, like this one:

Monica’s objective for The Flatz at 1008 Main is to collect almost 50,000 pennies by her calculation to tile the entire entryway. As one can imagine, she has already combed the office, home, couch, love seats, and other cracks and crevices where pennies might be hidden.

Now we need to enlist your help.

If you are near the Downtown Peekskill area, come on by with your bags, trays, bottles, or jars of pennies in whatever condition they might be, and they will be installed as a permanent part of Peekskill history.

The Flatz Properties, LLC
1008 Main Street, Suite 202
Peekskill, NY 10566

A little change from a lot of people will go a long way in bringing out the unique nature of The Flatz and the culture it will foster.